What is Imaginary?

A story about a young girl named Cassandra, staying in the somewhat eccentric, if sleepy countryside of Stoney Lonesome. She cannot, and does not speak to anyone but Kirra: her self-proclaimed imaginary friend. But not all is as it seems in the village, and Cassandra soon discovers that meeting Kirra has granted her the ability to see other 'Imaginary' things and people, not all of which belong to her. She finds herself increasingly split between the waking world, and a different level of reality where factions of monsters, virtues, and abandoned memories, clash over the body of a dead god. At the bottom of it all is the mystery of what happened to the god, and why.

At its heart, Imaginary is a mystery story for the reader as much as for Cas. As Kirra is quick to point out, no one person or thing that Cas speaks to can be completely trusted. At the bottom of it all, the reader and Cas, are made to wonder whether or not this other world is real, or imagined.

Clues will be dropped for the readers long before exposition actually covers the facts of the story, so feel free to offer conjecture on the forums.

About the Artist:

I am currently a graduate looking to go into CG modeling and animation. I am mostly self-taught in therms of art. I wanted to tell Imaginary as a graphic novel because I feel it fits into a genre of story that doesn't really have a place in writing right now.

I enjoy thinking visually, puzzle-solving, and storyboarding. Imaginary is my hobby to try and bring those things together. As a story, Imaginary has already been completely written and scripted, and I have a clear plan for finishing the comic in the next few years. Updates will be on Fridays, once a week, with between 1-3 pages per release depending. Although the story is complete, I take a lot of pleasure in hearing people guess about the ongoing mysteries and themes, so please stop by an offer your thoughts!

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